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Email: Phone: (888) 299-5135

Restaurant Menu Keywords that Increase Sales

Your hostess seats a party of 8 at your restaurant and warmly hands each customer your menu. Hungry and excited to see your offerings, each customer carefully reviews your menu. You put so much care and passion into each one of your dishes, can simply enhancing your dishes’ names increase sales? Absolutely!

Here’s a few tips:

  • Begin menu names with their preparation method to add some flair. Charge more for each dish by using preparation keywords like simmered, braised, seared, pan-fried and smoked.
  • What makes your dish unique? Is your sausage and broccoli rabe penne an old family recipe? Do you use free-range chicken? Does your Kobe beef come from the most massaged cows in Japan?
  • Highlight special ingredients. Maybe you’re using San Marzano tomatoes or farm-fresh eggs, let your customers know!
  • Detail where your food comes from. Maine lobster? Atlantic King Crab? Texas beef?

Have you had success with a particular dish name? Looking for some advice naming a dish? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!